No claims bonus for Tata Nano Twist

Though they are spending some amount of money on car repairs and replacement of batteries, many car owners do not claim insurance for the damage to the car, since the process is very time consuming and tedious.
For example the maintenance charges for a Tata Nano are approximately Rs 4000 a year at the service center
Additionally the car is using a Battery, Exide Mileage ML8B20R which has to be replaced at a cost of approximately Rs 4000 after three years
The no claims bonus from IFFCO-Tokio Insurance is 35%

Kindly note that ntro/raw/cbi employees are not associated with the website, though the indian and state government are making fake claims duping ICANN, domain registrars, registries, internet companies and countries in the process for the last 10 years in a major FINANCIAL FRAUD.

Deaths caused by Toyota Fortuner indicate that insurance should increase

One of the most widely reported accidents in Goa in June 2018, was the accident that took place at Chopdem-Siolim bridge when a Maharashtra registered Toyota Fortuner crashed into a Maruti Swift.
While the father and son in the Maruti Swift died in the accident, and other family members in the car were injured, the media did not report of any injuries to the passengers and driver in the Toyota Fortuner due to the accident
However people in the area were extremely upset at the accident, and started beating up the people in Toyota Fortuner and burned their car, also causing a traffic jam for many hours.
The domain investor is usually walking and she has observed that the Toyota Fortuner is a very large vehicle, far bigger than other vehicles. Recently she noticed two new SUVs with number plate 4576 in panaji

Hence it can cause far more damage than any other vehicle. This was mentioned earlier, and traffic safety, should monitor the drivers of the larger vehicles more closely . The insurance that they should pay should also increase.
However, it remains the top selling SUV in India, with 1500 units sold monthly

Vehicle insurance for drivers like goan bhandari R&AW employee call girl sunaina who use their scooter to intentionally cause injuries should be increased

Like the 26 year old Ayesha in De De Pyar De having an affair with a man twice her age,the 26 year old google, tata sponsored slim goan bhandari R&AW employee call girl sunaina chodan, is also having regular SEX with powerful ntro and other government employees twice her age.
Just like the corrupt chinese officials who were dismissed a few years, the top ntro employees are also trading SEX, money for power, and falsely claiming that the goan bhandari call girl sunaina, and other frauds like veena who do not spend any money on domains, own this and other domains to get them a monthly R&AW salary at the expense of the real domain investor who is broke.
Since her powerful lovers, sugar daddies, google, tata pimps and lovers are making fake claims, and have duped a large number of people, companies and countries including the navy that the goan sex service provider who never spent any money, owns domains, she has plenty of money and is always splurging on new and expensive clothes. In may 2019, the latest new outfit which wore was a loose navy blue top with large white dots and black pants. she was driving her scooter very fast, and the top was blowing up, her entire back was exposed on the roads of panaji showing her brown skin

Pampered by google, tata, sunaina is a very careless driver and she narrowly missed hitting a person walking on the sides of the road. The pampered call girl sunaina, wearing a helmet was driving in the middle of the road, and when she reached near the person, she intentionally moved her blue scooter AA1430 to the side, as if she wanted to hit the person walking on the road. It appears that she wanted to hurt the person

Hence the vehicle insurance for rash drivers like goan bhandari call girl sunaina who are using their vehicles to attack harmless people, should be increased,

Top Google adwords car insurance advertisers in India

The top google adwords car insurance advertisers in India in 2019 are
ICICI Lombard with 3400+ cashless garages
Tata AIG car insurance
Liberty Insurance
IFFCO Tokio Car insurance, with 4300 cashless garages
Chola Insurance

None of these insurance companies are advertising on the english television channels . please note that R&AW/cbi/ntro employees are not associated with the website in any way at all

Car insurance firm ACKO advertising on television

Instead of targetting broke small business owners like the domain investor who have hardly any money, the government and others should target car owners, because only those with an assured income, will purchase a car.
There are a large number of companies offering car and vehicle insurance.
One of the major advertisers of car insurance in March 2019 was ACKO on Republic TV.
It appears that they have withdrawn their advertising, since the ads are no longer shown

Please note that R&AW/NTRO/cbi employees are not associated with the website

Car insurance should be increased for young bearded gujju fraudster don bosco alumni nikhil since he is overspeeding within panaji city limits

Another driver whose driving license in panaji should be confiscated at the earliest is the google, tata sponsored School dropout cbi employee gujju housewife naina’s lazy fraud son bearded nikhil, who was spotted overspeeding near caculo mall and fire brigade, st inez, panaji, goa at around 4.55 pm on 10 january 2019.

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The red maruti vitara brezza L2233 was being driven at a speed well above the speed limit near fire brigade, government quarters as he was going either towards panaji, or taleigao.
The car was driven so fast that he could have easily injured or killed a person at the speed at which he was driving
It is time that the driving license of greedy lazy young gujju fraudster nikhil is confiscated for violating traffic rules and cbi ends its fraud of falsely claiming the young gujju fraudsters and his cheater mother naina, who have never invested any money online, own this and other websites to waste taxpayer money paying the gujju fraudster family a monthly government salary

why are the lovers and sugar daddies of bearded gujju fraudster nikhil;s school dropout mother naina, the powerful fraud liar ntro employees puneet, parmar,parekh, not circulating photos, videos of the young lazy greed gujju fraudster nikhil violating traffic rules, overspeeding in panaji, goa on 10 january, 2019, while are they only circulating videos, and photos of the harmless single woman engineer owning this website, so that their school dropout premika naina, her sons, nikhil, karan, can get a cbi salary for falsely claiming domain, paypal, bank account ownership

Car insurance should be increased for young bearded gujju fraudster don bosco alumni nikhil since he is overspeeding and breaking traffic rules within panaji city limits

Decrease in four wheeler sales in December 2018 allegedly due to insurance changes

The change in the insurance laws for vehicles appears to have adversely affected the sales of four wheeler vehicles for almost all brands in India.

The analysts specializing in the auto sector, were reviewing the performance of major vehicle manufacturers in India, and comparing the sales with sales in 2017.
All the major vehicle brands were reporting a decline in sales in December 2018, and the auto analysts said on television, that this was because of the change in insurance laws.

Many people postpone purchasing their vehicle to January, because they will get a new model which will get a better resale price.

Insurance premium for reckless drivers of Toyota Fortuner should be increased

Based on online sources, the Toyota Fortuner is an expensive vehicle to purchase, costing over Rs 30 lakh . It is also an extremely expensive vehicle to own, with insurance alone costing approximately Rs 1 lakh annually. There are low end vehicles available for less than Rs 3 lakh, so only those who are really wealthy can afford to purchase the Toyota Fortuner, and spend Rs 1 lakh annually on insurance alone.

One of the most dangerous and reckless drivers in panaji, was spotted driving a silver grey Toyota fortuner with number plate E9942 on the lake view colony main road, in campal, panaji, goa at around 5.55 pm on 31 October 2018
The driver of the vehicle was driving so fast, that no one on the footpath could get any details of the person driving the vehicle.

While there are many two wheeler drivers who are overspeeding, it is not very dangerous because the vehicle is small, and people crossing the road can easily avoid the two wheeler.
However the Toyota Fortuner is a very large and heavy vehicle weighing more than 1900 kg, it is very difficult to avoid the vehicle, especially if it is driven well beyond the speed limit.
Campal area is under aerial surveillance and the footage of the reckless driver should be available with security agencies.

The vehicle costs approximately Rs 30 lakh which is far more than the cost of most other other vehicles, so the driver may be very rich, well connected arrogant. Hence action should be taken against the reckless driver of the silver grey Toyota Fortuner E9942 at the earliest, his or her driving license should be suspended at the earliest.
It is hoped that the traffic sentinels, especially in panaji, goa keep a look out for the reckless driver of the silver grey Toyota Fortuner E9942 , issue a challan at the earliest, and ensure that the vehicle is never driven recklessly in future

The insurance company offering car insurance to the driver of the Toyota Fortuner should also increase the insurance premium charged for the vehicle if the driver is caught violating traffic rules , overspeeding.

Engine protection cover

Car owners can also purchase addons along with the standard insurance policy, which will help them get compensation for all the expenses in case their car is damaged.

Most of the insurance policies are only covering the small damage and accidents, they do not pay for other expenses. Most car manufacturers are specifying that it is not recommended to crank the car engine, when the car is stuck in water, because it will damage the car engine. The standard insurance policies are not covering engine damage caused by ingress of water, the engine protection add on has to be covered.

If the addon is purchased, any damage caused while driving in flooded areas will be covered. It can be used to cover the cost of repairing the electrical circuit, which is very likely to get damaged when exposed to heavy rains or water.

Please note that raw/cbi employees especially nayanshree hathwar, sunaina chodan, riddhi nayak, siddhi mandrekar are not associated with the website in any way at all,

School dropout cbi employee gujju housewife paying more than Rs 70000 annually for car insurance of multiple cars, has no money for domains

In a clear indication of the widespread corruption, nepotism in India, cbi, ntro are falsely claiming google, tata sponsored sneha wagh look alike school dropout cbi employee gujju housewife naina, mother of two sons, illegally married at 16, with no income of her own , who has never invested any money in domain names, owns the domain names of the google competitor, to justify the monthly cbi salary that is being paid to the gujju school dropout at the expense of the google competitor who is the real domain investor

The google, tata sponsored school dropout cbi employee gujju housewife naina and her family has plenty of money to purchase expensive cars including a new maruti vitara brezza costing Rs 12 lakh in 2018. Her family now owns 3 cars , a Maruti Wagonr , Toyota Qualis and is probably paying an annual car insurance of at least Rs 70000 for the cars, because the insurance for a maruti vitara brezza is approximately Rs 35000, wagonr Rs 20000, and qualis will be at least Rs 20000

Yet in a major financial fraud of cbi, ntro, the google, tata sponsored sneha wagh look alike school dropout cbi employee gujju housewife naina and her family have refused to pay any money for the domain names of the google competitor since 2010, yet are falsely claiming to own the domain names, to get a monthly cbi salary at the expense of the google competitor , the real domain investor, who is broke

An open question to ntro, cbi, raw, indian and goan government, google,tata if google, tata sponsored sneha wagh look alike school dropout cbi employee gujju housewife naina and her family readily pays car insurance annually to the car insurance companies to be able to own and drive multiple cars, why is she not paying the domain renewal and registration expenses to the google competitor, yet is falsely claiming to own the domain names to get a monthly cbi salary at the expense of the google competitor

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