Details in certificate cum policy schedule for car insurance

The certificate cum policy schedule for car insurance includes the following details :

  • Vehicle model number
  • Vehicle identification number
  • Engine chassis no.
  • Type of body
  • Engine capacity in CC
  • Manufacturing year
  • Seating capacity
  • Registration mark
  • Place of registration
  • Other details like non electrical accessories, CNG/LPG kit, insured’s declared value

The date of the policy and proposal number is also specified

Car insurance comparison, aggregator websites in India

Some of the websites for comparing car insurance in India from multiple insurance providers are

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Insurance and usage of car

For most of the insurance companies, the car insurance policy is only applicable if the car is used for social domestic purposes and for the car owners business.

It does not cover the usage of the car for various purpose like for hire , carriage of goods as samples or personal luggage, organized racing, pace making, reliability trade or any purpose in connection with motor trade.

In the policy, the insurance company is repeatedly mentioning that they are not liable, for any damage if the vehicle is used for non specified purposes.

Car driver, insurance amount

The insurance paid for a particular car is valid for any driver, provided that the person is holding an effective driving license at the time of the accident, and is not disqualified from holding or obtaining such a license.

So if the person owning the car gives it to a driver who is careless or inexperienced, who is involved in an accident, the premium amount to be paid will be increased

It is also applicable for a person who has obtained an effective learners license, and the person satisfied the requirement of rule 3 of the central motor vehicle rules 1989

Accuracy of online insurance quotes

There are a number of websites offering online car insurance quotes , almost all these websites are country specific

All these insurance related websites have clearly specified that the quotes offered for insurance are approximate amounts only, and a small change in any of the parameters like the age of the vehicle, can significantly change the insurance amount to be paid.

The insurance companies are also changing the criteria for calculating the insurance premium periodically depending on the claims, so there may a major increase in insurance rates after a month or a few weeks