Duration for purchase of car insurance

The car insurance is usually purchased for a period of at least one year in most countries . The car owner can pay the insurance in advance

However there are some discounts if the car insurance is purchased for a longer period of time, like three years and save some money. New drivers may get a better deal if they are purchasing insurance for the first time.

In many cases, the insurance company will offer an option to the car owner pay the insurance premium in installments. In some cases, as a promotional offer, the car dealer may pay the insurance for the first year after a car has been purchased.

Car insurance demand

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Increasingly ownership of a car, driving a car is considered a status symbol, especially in goa, so most people are purchasing the latest model of car which they can afford.

Those who do not wish to purchase a car, because they do not require it as they do not travel much, are often facing harassment and are falsely labelled a security threat, to deny their fundamental rights. For example the domain investor has been made a memory slave by ntro since 2010, because she did not own a car. In Mumbai, she hardly travelled, she did not require a car and a driving license.

As a result, most people with a good income are purchasing new cars every few years. Every car owner, using a car has to pay car insurance, so car insurance is a lucrative business for general insurance companies. Companies and websites selling car insurance can send their car insurance details and offers for a listing on the website.