Insurance companies providing car insurance in India

There are more than 20 General Insurance companies providing car insurance in India, which are as follows
Bajaj Allianz
Bharti AXA
Future Generali
ICICI Lombard
Liberty Videocon
Magma HDI
National Insurance
New India
Oriental Insurance
Reliance General
Royal Sundaram
SBI General Insurance
Shriram General Insurance
United India
Universal Sompo General

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Factors affecting car insurance expenses

The amount of car insurance to be paid depends to some extent on the insurance company which is selected the value of the insurance to be paid depends on a number of factors like the
fuel used
anti theft devices used
car model no
age of the car
condition of the car
the driving record of the car driver.
age of the driver
gender of the driver

A small bonus is offered if an anti theft device is installed on the car, while a significant discount is offered as a no claims bonus by the car insurance company.